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Feet Focus is your go-to online destination for a wide range of foot products aimed at enhancing and maintaining your foot health. Created by podiatrist Ellie Louchiey, Feet Focus ensures that each product is meticulously tested and backed by Ellie’s clinical expertise, offering you peace of mind in meeting your foot care requirements. Your search for effective foot care solutions ends here.

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Our purpose simple: ‚ÄčWe want to ensure every step you take is a comfortable one.

Feet Focus is backed by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, this makes us the perfect fit to be your trusted partner on the path to happier, healthier feet.

We’re committed to providing top-quality foot care products and resources to help you step into a healthier, more comfortable future. We’re passionate about foot care and we believe that healthy feet are the foundation of a happy life.

Foot wellness isn’t a luxury, it’s a fundamental necessity for living your best life.¬

Elly Louichey

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How the Toe Separator Benefits you

Straightens Toes

Silicone toe separators assist in maintaining proper toe alignment by preventing toes from overlapping or rubbing against each other, promoting a straighter and more comfortable position.

Relieves Foot Pain

If your toes or the areas between them hurt, these separators can offer relief by stopping them from rubbing together. This can be especially helpful if you have things like corns, calluses, or ingrown toenails.

Eases Bunion Discomfort

By creating space between toes, silicone separators help reduce pressure on bunions, offering relief and potentially slowing the progression of the condition while promoting more comfortable movement.

Helps Your Walking and Posture

These separators contribute to better foot mechanics, enhancing walking and standing posture by keeping toes properly aligned, which can lead to reduced fatigue and discomfort during daily activities.

Great for Active Times

Whether engaged in yoga, running, or extended periods of standing, silicone toe separators enhance comfort by preventing toe friction, reducing the likelihood of developing sore spots or blisters during physical activities.

Keeps Your Toes Healthy‚Äč

Regular use of silicone toe separators helps maintain toe shape and prevents deformities by providing consistent spacing between toes, contributing to overall foot health and reducing the risk of chronic issues.

Our Product

We're Committed to Quality

With a dedication to quality excellence, our product exceeds industry standards to deliver a reliable and long-lasting solution

Heel Fixation

Our design focuses on securely fixing the toe separators in place, with a widened heel area to prevent slippage and ensure comfort.

SEBS Material

Crafted from non-toxic SEBS material. This material is known for its stability, resistance to aging and heat, high elasticity, and durability even under compression.

Elastic Design

The elastic stretching feature allows for direct application to the big and little toes, aiding in gentle correction.

Best in Class Durability

Made from premium SEBS material, these separators boast exceptional elasticity, ensuring durability and a snug fit for enhanced mobility and comfort.